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AJ & Danielle Iafrate
Aaron and Deb Silver
Abby Gumma
Adam & Danielle Paulson
Adam & Danielle Paulson
Al Guest
Alan Palazzolo
In honor of Jerome Joseph Palazzolo
Great school that guided me in faith in turbulent times
Alan and Lynn Buero
Albert Gelles
Alex & Linda Boosalis
Alexandra Genord
Allan Kochanski
Ancuta Matei
Andre and Anna Palardy
Andre and Teresa Daher
In memory of Pierre Daher
Andrew Guest
Andrew Pauwels
Andy and Lisa Hunter
Angela Rix
Angie Timko
Ann and Edward Schulte
In honor of Mr. Salic. He was fantastic to my kids!
Ann/David Stone
Arlene (Linsenman) Vallad
In honor of Fr. Gerry Frawley
Art and Beth Zelinsky
Autumn Butler
Barb Ciesliga and Chris Milback
Barbara Lantzy
Barbara Stone
In memory of Dennis Stone
Ben Ancona
In memory of Mike Kondek and Gary Kupper
Benjamin & Sarah Krater
Bernadette Renard
Bernard and Colette Marek
Bernard and Elizabeth Kotarski
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Bernardo and Eleanor Villajuan
Beth Surowiec
Beth and Kevin Nunning
Beth and Kevin Nunning
Bev Smith
In honor of All the extraordinary teachers and administrators
Bill & Sandy Ballew
Bill & Stephanie Dimovski
Bill Locricchio
In memory of Pulcheria Locricchio
Bill Vallee
Bill and Laura Brickley
Bill and Nadine Mott
Please pray for my mother, Ruth
Bill and Rachelle Lopez
Bob Burghardt
Bob Carrico
In memory of Rev. Clifton Moors, s.m.
Bob Hoehn
Bob Mishige
In memory of Fr. Demers
Bob and Athena Carson
In memory of Antoinette Carson and George Mitchell
Bob and Barb Brzustewicz
Bob and Carol McInnis
In memory of Bill McInnis, David McInnis and Joshua Karalla
Bob and Elaine Artymovich
Bob and Jane Kocis
In honor of Ken Parent
Bob and Jill Dudek
Bob and Mary Ann Bury
Bob and Mary Watson
Bob and Molly Williams
Br. Louis Plourde
Brad and Mariann Merrelli
Brendan Fortinberry
In memory of Bev Williams
Brett & Gayle Hinds
Brian Hughes
Brian Klott
In memory of Arnold and Arlene Klott
Brian Maraone
Brooke A Milnes
Brooke Patrico
Bruce Irwin
Bruce and Cathy Morris
In memory of Annie R. Ches
Bruno and Mary Petrella
Bryan and Celine Domagalski
Cal Bailey
Camilo and Constanza Ballesty
Candace Shields
Carl & Tiffany Rose
Carl Tenuta
In memory of Katie Clark
Carlene (Linsenman) Bischoff
In memory of Jerome Morris
Carol (Cremer) McInnis
In memory of Bob, William and David McInnis
Carol Ciesliga
In honor of John Milback'23
Carol and David Cole
Carol and Kevin Wurm
Carolina Apostolopoulos
Carolyn Ciesla
Carrie Gaeschke
Catherine Kosin
Catherine Stark
Cavitt and Kimberly Randall
Charles Stuart
Charlie Carnaghie
In honor of Margaret Carnaghie
Charlie Gabelsberger
Cheryl Kennedy
In memory of William Kennedy
Chester and Judy Manczuk
Chet Szerlag
In memory of Fr. Bryson
Chris Devine
Chris Giannetti
Chris and Hayley Bennett
Chris and Liza Liparoto
Christa Guest
Christine Ritchie
Christine Walker
Christopher Jones
Christopher Remishofsky
Chuck Sidor
Craig Urban
Crystal Consiglio
Crystal Davis
Curt and Diane Ranger
Dahlia Konja
Dale Van Dale
Damon Michelsen
Dan & Amy Lai
Dan & Kathleen Kelly
Great school!! All my children have become upright citizens and young independent adults.
Dan Hollenkamp
Dan and Jennifer Beaudoin
Dan and Kristine Ma
Dan and Linda Stuit
Dan and Pat Grudzinski
Dan and Renee Pompi
Daniel and Goca Palushaj
Daniel and Nicolette Jenaras
Darlene Vigneau
Daron and Linda Gifford
Dave McCarthy
Dave and Darcy Bologna
In honor of Mr. Andy Guest
Dave and Kathy Guest
Dave and Maureen Pagnucco
In memory of Lou Pagnucco
David & Ann Stone
David Bonior
David Levine
In memory of Norm Kotarski
David Osiecki
David Rice
In honor of Norm Kotarski
David Rice
David Warchuck
David and Barbara Stewart
In honor of Ryan Stewart
David and Johanna Byrd
David and Michelle Knesek
David and Susan Wilcox
Deacon Tom and Josie Strasz
Dean Nichols
Deborah Byrd
Deborah Newman
Denise Meulebrouck
Dennis Bolen
In memory of Fr. Bryson
Dennis Bryll
Dennis Embo
Dennis Gmerek
Dennis Maraone
In honor of Mike and Eda Maraone
Dennis and Cathy Goebel
Dennis and Elizabeth Kavanagh
Dennis and Sharon Zelek
Derek Mattice
Diane Dorantes
Dima Hanna
Dominique Grass
Don Polsinelli
In memory of Barbara Polsinelli
Don and Mary Ann Farrell
In memory of Sisters of St. Joseph
Don and Mary Jo Bokshan
Donald Jurivich
Donald and Elizabeth Baxa
In honor of Stella Nestor and Ava Baxa
Donald and Marjorie Stock
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Donna Daciuk
Doug Dascenzo
I value the education provided by the Notre Dame community and applaud them for their endurance and forward-thinking.
Doug and Leslie Lockhart
In honor of the Lockhart Family
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin and Laura Carter
Duane & Julie Roose
Ed and Margaret DeChambeau
Edward and Marilyn Lis
Edward and Robin Tashjian
Eileen Krick
Elizabeth Adderley
Elizabeth Atallah
Elizabeth Dressman
Elizabeth Mountain Kersten
Elizabeth Zavolta
Ellen Tessada
Emily Jackson
I support NDP/MA because I believe in the mission of the school.
Endri & Mira Caraj
Eric Griesmer
In honor of Fr. Ouellette
Erin Stone
Erin White
In honor of Fr. Joe Hindelang
Evan and Sue Williams
Fabian Fregoli
Fady and Denada Abdallah
In honor of Adelina and Mila Abdallah
Fr. Leon Olszamowski
Fr. Stan Ulman
Frank Coppola
Frank and Gail Migliazzo
Frank and Maureen Roth
Fred Boehle
In memory of Robert Lawrence
Gary Kilpatrick
Gary Popiel
In memory of Helen and Walker Popiel
Gary and Anne Murray
Gary and Catherine Wilson
Gary and Cindy Lou Coakley
In memory of Coach Conrad Vachon
Gary and Margaret Valade
In honor of Benjamin Valade's Graduation
Gary and Tracy Lillie
Genet Wasihun
George Stolzenfeld
George and Kathy Morehouse
In honor of Teachers, Brothers and Priests at NDP/MA
Gerard and Karen Roose
Gerard and Kerry Surmann
Giovanni and Lucy Vecchio
Gjeke & Katrina Palushaj
Gordon and Kelly Schlachter
Greg and Kit Scheessele
Greg and Trena Yauch
In honor of Elliot and Pierson Yauch
Gregory and Judith Graves
Guy and Linda Beauregard
In memory of Robert & Frances Cantin
Hannah Genord
Helen Yuan and Turgay Bengisu
Henry & Vera Dabish
Holly Borgiel
Holly Powell
Holly Quandt
Hugh Walker
In memory of the classmates of SM'56
Jackie (Tatham) Dix
In honor of St. Mike's class of 1948
Jacqueline Gartin
Jacqueline Kenny
James Bokshan
James Carron
James Duke
James Duke
In honor of the class of 1958
James Kondek
In memory of Mike Kondek ND'70
James Snodgrass
Jan and Ludmila Pyko
In honor of Julia Pyko and Mark Pyko
Janean McCormick
Janice & Patrick Carraher
Janine Brown
I value the teachings of the Church.
Jeff Baxa
Jeff Smith
Jeff and Kelli Ivory
Jeffrey Bidigare
In memory of Tom Matlas ND'59
Jeffrey Tranchida
Jeni Carino
In honor of Ethan Carino
Jennette Wrobel
Jennifer Supol VanNorwick
Jennifer Swieboda
Jennifer Valentine
Jennifer and Brent Bassett
Jeremiah and Jill Savage
Jerome Caroselli
Jerry Klimek
Jerry and Gayle Mineweaser
Jerry and Marie Manofsky
In memory of Joseph S. Sepos
Jim Bolton
In memory of John Drake
Jim Grabowski
Jim Jelsone
Jim McCarroll
In memory of Conrad Vachon
Jim Sesi
Jim Sesi
In honor of Head of School Andrew J. Guest ND'84
Jim Stano
Jim Stano
Of all the gifts my parents gave me, one of the best was a Marist education
Jim Strye
In memory of William and Elizabeth Strye
Jim Zimmerman
Jim and Kelly Simon
Jim and Lou Bokshan
Jim and Mary Lou Powers
Jim von Hatten
Joan Kopytek
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Joan Pruente
In memory of Tom Pruente Sr., SM'54
Joanne Liu
Joe & Donna Kotzan
In honor of Eda Maraone
Joe Kapelczak
Joe Kleiner
Joe and Lynette Fioroni
Joe and Rosalie Vicari
John Formella
Wishing you a blessed Christmas season and an inspiring 2023. . .
John Henke
John Kaminski
John Kayi
John Micallef
John Mills
John Trinkwalder
John Weishaar
John and Anne Kennedy
John and Katherine Byrne
John and Kim Blakeslee
John and Kristen LaMacchia
John and Margaret Kukawinski
John and Marianne Parthum
In memory of Norm Kotarski
John and Roberta Patterson
In memory of John Drake
John and Shaine Schindler
John and Stacy Wernis
John and Stacy Wernis
Jon and Carrie Lytle
Jon and Carrie Lytle
Jon and Cecilia Karr
Jonathon Pattah
Jose and Angelina De Nigris
Joseph Heitjan
Loyal to Christ
Joseph Love
Joseph Sobota
Joy Burhans
In memory of David Burhans
Joy Quick-Burhans
In honor of Coach Tyler Yanik and Coach Sheri Yanik
Judith (Lamphere) Nestor
Julie Byrd
Julie Topoleski
Justin Cherfoli
Justin Stone
Karen Carroll
Karen Holland
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Karen Justusson
Karim and Nedaa Fram
Kathleen Conroy
Kathleen Miller
Kathleen Offer
Blessed to be part of the Notre Dame community.
Kathy Bembas
In memory of Michael Kotzan
Kathy Casteel
Kathy Mitchell
Kelly Sermo
In memory of Darlene Domaradzki
Ken Parent
Kenneth and Deborah Ritzema
Kerrie Sink
Kevin Carlisle
Kevin Houle
Kevin Klott
Kevin Wisely
In memory of Frank Woods
Kimberley Teolis
Kimberly Stetson
Kristen Bonner
Kristen Fox
Kristen Ludwig
Kristin and Steve Ruschak
Kristine Bozicevich
Kristopher Powell
Kroger Kroger
Kurt Haras
Kurt and Mary Nadolski
Lani Duffy
Larry Jack
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Larry Zinser
Laura Frost
Laura Nadeau
Lauren Neiheisel
Laurie Keoleian
Lawrence Fletemier
Leigh & David Martin
Leigh Ann Grubbs
Leroy Johnson
Lisa Dedvukaj
Louise W Lorenz
Lourin Chahin
Lovely Simon
Luain Hajjar
Luc Feilla
Madeline Blocki
Margaret Soderberg
Maria Mijac
Marilyn Gaynor
In memory of Raymond Gaynor
Mark & Carrie Gaynor
Mark Hindelang
Mark Roberts
Mark Zuby
Mark and Erin Ellison
In memory of Mark Ardelean
Mark and Kate Bowers
Mark and Lorna Raukar
In honor of A great education my children received
Mark and Maria Glenn
In memory of Mark Thomas Glenn NDP'02
Mark and Meghan Mullen
Mark and Tania Mancinotti
Mary Anne Banninger
Mary Anne Homann
Mary Bennett
In honor of Kyle Lilek
Mary Jo Byrd
Mary Lewis
In memory of Russell LeBlanc, Lloyd Syron, Mary Syron, Maureen Syron, Brigitt Syron
Mary and Leon Holwey
In memory of Anthony Martin NDP'01
Matt Gonzales
In memory of Joseph M. Gonzales
Matt and Brittany Davis
Matthew & Cristina Dekutoski
Matthew & Kim Wolfe
Maya Okka
McKenzie Platt
Melissa & Jeremy Garrett
Melissa Zink
Mia Burbank
Our family is so happy to support the Notre Dame fund. We understand that tuition dollars only go so far and it's necessary for our community to support the school where we can.
Michael Flannery
In memory of Edward ang Agnes Flannery
Michael LaCharite
Michael Locricchio
Michael Mahoney
Michael Orrico
Michael Perlin
Michael and Amy Sias
In memory of John Drake
Michael and Charlotte McIntyre
Michael and Jill Genord
Michael and June Garland
Michael and Michele Byrd
In memory of Roger Byrd
Michael and Nichole Juszczakiewicz
Micharl & Maria Lukosavich
Michele Byrd
In honor of Roger Byrd
Michele Rogers
Michelle & Dan Acciavatti
Michelle Fitzpatrick
Michelle Holwey
Mike & Teresa Quinn
Mike Lesnau
In memory of Debra Lesnau
Mike Mortier
Mike Plewa
Mike Skrzynski
Mike Slater
Mike and Barbara Slubowski
Mike and Cindi Kelly
In memory of Thomas and Virginia Kelly
Mike and Lora Mlinarcik
Mike and Mary Durkin
Mike and Sherry Berry
Mildria and Shaun Moore
Mini Uh
Monica (Denis) Roca
ND Class of 1971
Nancy (Rick) Larson
Nancy Larson
Nancy Shilling
Neil Murphy
Neil and Renee Fraser
Nick Silveri
Nicole Orow
Nicolino Tartaglia
Nina Kelly
Noel and Emily Villajuan
Pam Bourlier
Pamela Bachara
In memory of Gary Bachara
Pat D'Agostini
Patrick Anderson
In memory of William C. Anderson
Patrick Guido
Patrick McGuire
Patrick and Adra Kennedy
In memory of Harold and Mary Kennedy
Patrick and Andrea Moran
Patrick and Tammy Valade
Paul & Laurel Ostin
Paul Amman
Paul Kauffman
Paul Kuntzler
Paul LaRiviere
In memory of Fr. John Bryson and Conrad Vachon
Paul Rau
Paul Suchyta
Paul and Debra Seehaver
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Paul and Tricia Trulik
Pauline Kersuzan
Payroll Deduction
Pete & Maureen Basile
Phil Zanolli
Phil and Amy Patterson
Preet Gill
R. Jane Boyer
In honor of Paige and Reese Marlinga
To our school, to our children, to our future.
Rachel Miller
Ralph Roy
In memory of Nancy L. Roy
Randy & Christie Evans
Raphael and Rita Putrus
Raquel Rudder
Ray Buzenski
In memory of Daniel Tuladziech '80
Raymond and Amy Mylenek
Raymond and Janet Jurczyk
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Rebecca Gemelli
Reid Family
Remo & Debbie Soave
Rich Caloia
Rich Corteville
In memory of Janice Corteville
Rich and Kimberly Skalnek
Rich and Patti Karlewski
Richard Bieszki
Richard Bosler
Richard Lafferty
Richard Marquette
Richard Martin
In honor of Fr. Joe Hindelang
Richard Orosz
In memory of Michael and Catherine Orosz
Richard and Ann Joynt
Richard and Colleen Woodcox
Richard and Maria Salloum
In memory of Abraham and Sadic Salloum
Rick Gianino
Rick Murphy
In memory of Mark Michalowski
Riegel Family
Riegel Family
Rob & Linda D'Orazio
Rob Grozenski
Rob and Liz Brisley
Robb Lenz II
Robert & Paula Hindelang
Robert Berch
Robert Dudek
Robert Houck
Robert Karl
Provided a great foundational education for college!
Robert Majkowski
Robert Ottoy
Robert Welliver
In memory of Fr. Leo Gallant SM (NDHS)
Roger & Pat Quitter
Roger and Jean Heimbuch
In honor of Matthew Heimbuch
Roger,Derek,David,Brian Wit
A great foundation. Merry Christmas from the Wit's. Roger, Derek, David, Brian
Ron Ritchie
Ron Steffens
In memory of Yvonne Steffens
Ron Wagoner
In memory of Joane Wagoner
Ronald Mack
Rosanne Skonieczny
Russ Ortisi
In honor of Roy Johnson and Harold Rice
Sandra Encinas
Sandy Nida
Sandy and Roger Favrow
Santa Maria Foundation
Sarah Egner
In honor of Capt. Erik S. Egner
Sarah Sowers
Scott & Cindy Hannah
Scott & Jennifer Marlinga
Sean Maloney
Sean Stringer
Sean Tominna
Sergio and Kelly Gasperoni
Shin-Yann and Alice Ho
In honor of Teachers
St. Fred's Alumni
St. Mary of the Hills
Stacy McFall
Stacy Swick
Stan and Lily Guest
Stanley and Holly Michelcavage
Stefania and Donald Nagey
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Stephanie Arndt
Stephanie Bockart
Stephanie Estrellas
Stephanie Huffmaster
Stephanie Mattei
Stephen Mikel
Stephen and Laura Pangori
Steve & Amy Kinkade
Steve & Crista Broutin
Steve Ranger
In memory of Debbie Ranger, who passed away on Feb. 28, 2022 after a brief battle with an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder.
Steve and Julie Neiheisel
Susan Cliffordw
I support catholic education
Sylvia Ruma
Terry Hensler
The Legacy Dermatology Group
The Sollmer Family
Thom Family
Thomas Durkin
Thomas Klimek
Thomas and Claudia Heuer
Thomas and Elizabeth Vanhecke
Tim & Shari Knutson
Tim Loftus
Tim Nawrocki
In memory of Helen and Bernard Nawrocki
Tim and Colleen Delaney
Tim and Maureen Thiry
In memory of Michael Kotzan
Tim and Thea Hopman
In memory of Vivian & LaVerne Hopman
Timothy Blanck
Timothy Cummins
In honor of Father Raymond Coolong
Timothy Kalil
In honor of our two wonderful boys, Jacob and Nathan Kalil
Tom & Nancy Bennett
Tom & Shelly Hauck
Tom Bejma
Tom Manney
In honor of Duane Holmes
Tom Salerno
Tom Vitale
Tom and Dorothy Stuart
Tom and Jennifer Kenny
Tom and Lesia Fodell
In memory of Beverly Lucas
Tom and Nickalean Kalas
Tom and Sharyn Cousins
Tom and Tanya Gurne
Tony DelVillano
In memory of NDHS Class of 1981 who have passed away
Tony Fortino
Tony and Jane Rudder
Tracy Logan
Trent Thiry
Tulicaa Ochani
Vanessa DiPonio Ruffino
Victor Marrocco
Virginia Ostroskie
In memory of Norm Kotarski
Vito and Nicole Rocco
Viviana Lopez-Alonso
Walter and Carolyn Czechowski
In memory of Leo Widzinski
Washington Family
Wendy Rossmiller
William Panella
William and Shirley Phillips
In gratitude for a wonderful school environment for our grandchildren!
Xiao-Dong Guo & Joanne Liu
Zoe Stavridis
Gary assarain
In honor of Mark Hajjar
Mark Hajjar- in honor of your 40th birthday
If we expect our children to be competitive, they need a solid education. Add to that the core Catholic Principles of Notre Dame, and we have a success story.
The value of a catholic education is teaching a child that God is always present.

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